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Anaglyphic Stereoscopic Animator

My current body of work explores the process of discovery and refinement within a hybrid media combining painting and animation. My paintings, in theory and practice, have always revolved around the idea of layers. Building around the idea of layers, my audience interactively interprets different perspectives within my art. My intent is to construct a new form of viewer interaction. Each piece provides thoughtful insight on the boundaries of contemporary art, as well as discussing introspective points of view.

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Brendon Wade is an artist focused on painted animations. He is from Ocala, Florida but is inspired by his Chicago roots and his families artistic culture. Throughout his teenage years, Brendon became fascinated with the art of animation. Brendon became immersed in the often-tedious production process of animation. He enjoys the gratification that animation offers following such a meticulous process.

Today, Brendon merges traditional painting with animation. He hopes to create a hybrid style of animation that will open new doors for studio artists and animators to work together more frequently. His intent is to bridge the perceived disconnect of traditional art practices and contemporary animation.

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I make red/blue paintings. I use acetate to isolate each layer of color to show different images and points of view. My body of work is a hybridization of media to view acrylic painting with moving apparatuses that causes a still image on canvas to appear to be in motion. This is done by using red and blue strips of acetate to isolate the red and blue layers respectively, and create perceived movement between the two frames.


2018 - 2019

A creation using Anaglyphic Stereoscopic Animation to discuss the inner monsters that everyone grows up with. By using a viewfinder this piece goes from fine art to experimental animation.



These pieces were created on the journey to creating a hybrid between fine art and animation.

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